Anthony & Stephanie Wedding

October 30, 2008

This past August I was able to shoot a wedding for my cousin Anthony. It was a ton of fun and a great wedding. It was also a great opportunity for some extra experience and time well spent with friends and family. Anyways here is a taste of the wedding. Also, check back soon for a photo shoot i just did for a university senior!


Partner In Crime

October 29, 2008

Meet my partner at Formed By Grace photography. We’ve been taking pictures together since we started taking pictures period. Not only is he a great photographer, and partner, but he is also my cousin. In fact, if it wasn’t for our constant competition and pushing each other, we would never be where we are today. We might not even have started taking photos in the first place!… I guess I’m glad that things are the way they are. 

Hey Guys!! It’s been so long since i’ve posted, so i would like to apologize for leaving you guys in the dust.  Check back over the next couple of days, I am a little behind in posting and will be updating my blog. Anyways, this july i was able to do an engagement shoot for my cousin. This couple was great to work with and a lot of fun! 


One might wonder what goes on in a photographer’s day in between shooting. Believe it or not, especially when your dealing with weddings or events, there isn’t too much down time. But, just because there isn’t down time, doesn’t mean that your not having fun on the job.

There are tons of candid photos taken in-between shots and locations that end up very interesting and usually fun (especially to post process). 

Here are some of my “B-sides”, you could say, from Paul and Ann’s wedding:

Ryan & Katie Engagement

July 11, 2008

Prior to the wedding below, my cousin, andrew, and i did a photo shoot for this engaged couple. Andrew is a part of Formed By Grace Photography whom i teamed up with for this shoot and for the wedding below. To see more of this engagement shoot and Paul & Ann’s wedding, please visit: 


Here are my photos from Ryan & Katie’s Engagement shoot:

Paul & Ann

July 11, 2008

below on my first post are the newly wedd’s paul & ann. check em’ out!


July 1, 2008

hello, my name is Alexander Johnnides. I am a photographer, based out of New York. for some more information about me, please click the “about me” section of this page.

i recently did some work with my cousin who is a part of Formed By Grace Photography. Here is some of my work from it: